Valentine's Day Gifts 

By Bij Fior

For eternal love inspired by the ancients… The garnet earrings (piece 1), pay homage to art and Empresses of the Byzantine era and are painted using ancient decoration techniques using regal, romantic colours and fine gold. The pillar rings (pieces 2 and 3) are cast in 18ct gold from ancient pillar designs which were built for the temples of Goddesses such as Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love.


Garnet Cross Earrings |  £280

2 The Pillar Union Ring |  £1,150

3 The Aphrodisa Pillar Ring |  £1,385

Adorned with 6 garnets these heavenly earrings have porcelain white and scarlet red cloisonné decoration enamel detail. They are hand-painted in the heart of Rome and inspired by art of the Byzantine era.

Designer | Percossi Papi

A pillar forged from 18ct gold is delicately serrated and curved to form this unique ring. Harking to the grandeur of Ancient Greece, the Pillar Ring unites around several central diamonds, in celebration of tradition and history, and to symbolise unbreakable love. 

Designer | Isabelle Rowe

The perfect love letter, this ring is an intricately carved 18ct gold pillar embedded with diamonds, which face each other just millimetres apart. The closeness of the diamonds represents the draw of love between two souls. This ring is named after Aphrodite, the ancient Greek Goddess of love and celebrates the enduring strength of love.

Designer | Isabelle Rowe

"- you are

my sun,

my moon


all my stars"

- E.E.Cummings

For love that is written in the stars... These three different Percossi Papi Sun & Moon earrings (pieces 4, 5 and 6) are hand-painted in the heart of Ancient Rome using ancient cloisonné decoration techniques and precious stones such as garnets and citrines. The astrological harmony and delicacy in these unique pieces make each of them the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.


Garnet Sun & Moon Earrings |  £520

Cosmologically balanced, these mis-matched sun and moon earrings feature garnets, rose zircon and a micro-mosaic of Indian seed pearls alongside rose pink and cherry red cloisonné enamel work hand-painted in the heart of Rome.

Designer | Percossi Papi

Citrine Sun & Moon Earrings |  £780

Large, etheral, and golden, these sun and moon earrings have twelve citrines, are adorned with seed pearls and are hand-painted in olive green enamel using the cloisonné technique. They are beautifully weighted to balance perfectly and glisten as you move.

Designer | Percossi Papi

Rose Sun & Moon Earrings |  £620




These beautiful, cosmological earrings have one sun and one moon each hand-painted with night black and true white cloisonné enamel and embedded with zircon and citrine stones and embellished with a micro-mosaic of Indian seed pearls.

Designer | Percossi Papi

For love that is forever... Bij Fior’s selection for diamonds includes a rose gold ring with 54 diamonds (piece 7), a necklace with the rarest and oldest form of diamonds (piece 8), a diamond cushioned in a heart-shaped pendant of 18ct gold (piece 9) and a hand-woven diamond knot necklace (piece 10). Each of these exquisite fine jewellery pieces house their diamonds with effortless elegance.

White Sapphire & Diamond Ring |  £1,760

A playful, rosy piece with 3 white sapphires and 54 small diamonds, which follow the curve of the ring's band to ensure its beauty is visible from every angle. Made in Jaipur, known as 'the pink city', this rose gold ring speaks to the opulence and character of its birthplace.

Designer | John Lloyd Morgan

Baby Street Heart Necklace |  £1,060

A baby bombé heart of 18ct gold, this sweet pendant sits on an elongated 48cm 18ct gold chain. The central diamond is softly cushioned by the full, golden heart. It is the perfect Valentine's Day Gift.

Designer | Isabelle Rowe


Polki Diamond Necklace |  £18,800

This work of art effortlessly elevates the natural grace and beauty of the wearer. Polki is an uncut, unpolished diamond, in its natural form. As they retain their rough original form, no two are alike; each polki is completely unique. It is one of the oldest forms of diamonds, and remain some of the purest forms of diamonds.

Designer | John Lloyd Morgan

10 Memory Knot Necklace |  £3,300

An emotive and bonding piece, this necklace comprises 18ct gold woven into a folded knot and embellished with four pavé diamonds. The gold threads elegantly taper as they come up the neck to the adjustable clasp which, allows the knot to sit at the base of the neck, close to the heart.

Designer | Rina Tairo

‘BIJ’ is from the French word ‘bijou’, meaning jewellery.


‘FIOR’ is from the Italian phrase ‘fior fiore di’, meaning ‘the best of’ or ‘the cream of’. 

 © 2020 BIJ FIOR

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