Bij Fior Sustainability

Being mindful of our impact on the planet is integral to Bij Fior, which is why our focus is on supporting small independent fine jewellery businesses, all of whom handcraft their pieces. All pieces are chosen for their beauty, durability and timelessness to keep and love forever. We desire to promote mindful and slow consumption, with jewellery to last a lifetime.

Bij Fior takes pride in supporting family, independent and local businesses. More than ever, supporting family-run businesses is of the upmost importance. By buying from independent and family businesses, you help support families and creatives.

Bij Fior carbon offsets all deliveries to ensure products arrive with the clients in a conscious way and we package in a simple and beautiful way - fully recyclable with no unnecessary extras.


The Vendeur has included Bij Fior in their latest article on ethical jewellery.

"The pieces are showstoppers or exclusive to Bij Fior, which cherry-picks each of the jewels you can purchase online." 


"... recently launched by Rachel Feibusch, who made the environmental impact of the pieces showcased a central focus. She concentrates on supporting small independent fine jewellery brands, family owned and local businesses, who craft the pieces with durability and timelessness in mind."

Bij Fior will continue to consider the environmental impact of future collections, with the aim to remain small and conscious to create the time and space for each fine jewellery piece we house - but not at the expense of the planet.   

Hand-crafted fine jewellery

Timeless fine jewellery and mindful, slow consumption

Local fine jewellery businesses

Family-run & independent fine jewellers

Carbon-neutral shipping, conscious delivery 

Recyclable packaging

‘BIJ’ is from the French word ‘bijou’, meaning jewellery.


‘FIOR’ is from the Italian phrase ‘fior fiore di’, meaning ‘the best of’ or ‘the cream of’. 

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