People & craftsmanship

Bij Fior takes pride in supporting family-run & independent businesses. Supporting small fine jewellers is at the heart of Bij Fior.

We do not sell any mass produced pieces, all pieces are handmade by talented craftspeople in responsible and ethical workshops.

Durability & Mindful Consumption

All pieces on Bij Fior are chosen for their beauty, durability and timelessness to keep and love forever. We desire to promote mindful and slow consumption, with fine jewellery to last a lifetime.

We house jewellery of the highest quality. Jewellery on Bij Fior has symbolic and intrinsic value. 

Conscious Delivery & Packaging

We aim to deliver your jewellery to you in the quickest most sustainable way.


Bij Fior ensures all products arrive to customers in a conscious manner. 


We package all our orders simply, beautifully and all Bij Fior packaging is fully recyclable.