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Send your Wishlist

Have you ever wished someone would buy you exactly the jewellery you wanted without you asking? 

With the form below, you can request your Wishlist to be sent to a loved one!

Request to have all, some or just one piece from your Wishlist sent to a special someone.

We will send them your Wishlist via email with any details/other requests you may have. 

How it Works

1. You must have a Bij Fior account with a Wishlist

2. Fill out the form below.

3. Your Wishlist will be sent on your nominated day. [In the unlikely instance it cannot be send on that day - it will be sent the following day.]


4. You will be notified once your Wishlist has been sent. 

If you would like to send to more than one person - please fill out a separate the form for each person. 

You many send a Wishlist send request anytime, as many times as you wish.


For any help, please use our live chat or email

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