Designer | Percossi Papi.


Exclusive to Bij Fior. Chain not included. Tourmaline cross pendant with a micro-mosaic of Indian seed pearls. 24ct gold-plated silver. 3.5 width x 2cm length


Handmade in Rome, Italy.

Pearl Information - Cultivated white pearls, Akoya Pinctada Fucata, COO India.

Tourmaline Cross Pendant

  • Cinnamon brown and snow white cloisonné enamel detail is hand-painted on this tourmaline cross alongside a micro-mosaic of Indian seed pearls. The Byzantine style is reminiscent of jewellery that might have been worn by fabled woman such as, Hypatia of Alexandria or Empress Theodora.

‘BIJ’ is from the French word ‘bijou’, meaning jewellery.


‘FIOR’ is from the Italian phrase ‘fior fiore di’, meaning ‘the best of’ or ‘the cream of’. 

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