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Amethyst, black spinel & pearl 24k gold-plated earrings. Art Dèco style with six amethysts (weight  9.99ct), black spinel (weight 3.32ct) earrings and a micro-mosaic of Indian seed pearls (weight 0.5ct). 7.8cm length


Handmade in Rome, Italy.

Pearl Information - Cultivated white pearls, Akoya Pinctada Fucata, COO India.

Amethyst Dèco Earrings

  • These Art Decò earrings combine the bold shapes of Cubism and the colours of the Russian ballets with the craftsmanship Louis XVI's furniture and styles from Persian, and ancient Egyptian art. They are bold in shape with dramatic black spinel, 6 amethysts and thistle lilac cloisonné enamel decoration.

‘BIJ’ is from the French word ‘bijou’, meaning jewellery.


‘FIOR’ is from the Italian phrase ‘fior fiore di’, meaning ‘the best of’ or ‘the cream of’. 

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