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Interview with ZED Jewellery

Bij Fior News

Bij Fior Founder, Rachel Feibusch interviews Rana & Karen Zeidan, designers of ZED Jewellery. Click above to watch the full video interview and read below for more details about ZED Jewellery. Discover their jewellery via the images and link further down this page.

"We make sure we both love the piece before it goes into production,

we never produce anything if one of us is a bit hesitant (...) and that

also helps us create the best pieces" - Rana & Karen 

About ZED Jewellery


ZED Jewellery is designed by sisters Rana and Karen Zeidan and handmade by skilled craftspeople in Beruit, Lebanon. Inspired by their father's passion for jewellery, the rich culture of Lebanon and the contemporary woman, the sisters source only the best gold and precious stones and the designs are made to the highest quality.

ZED Jewellery's story begins in 1947 when Abdo R. Zeidan opened up his doors in the old gold souks of Beirut’s Central District. Working among stalls of busy goldsmiths, diamond setters and artisans, Abdo R. Zeidan made a name for himself in Lebanon’s renowned jewellery hub. A family business from the very beginning, Abdo alongside his four sons, skilled in both jewellery making and gemology, developed their own style working with talented craftsmen. In 2001, Ramzi Zeidan & Co. opened - Ramzi brought his vision to life, artisanally designing and creating vibrant fine jewellery. Sharing the same passion as their father, Ramzi’s two daughters Rana and Karen Zeidan later joined the team and created contemporary sub-brand ZED Jewellery.

"We grew up with our father and grandfather figures that we looked up

to in the business, so it’s a very family orientated thing for us.

And I think also one of the things I love most about the jewellery industry

is that it’s a happy business, no one ever comes to you with

a sad occasion" - Rana & Karen 

The Lights Collection by ZED Jewellery


Baguette cuts, coloured gems and soft two-tone rose and white gold hues. The Lights collection embodies all things light, bright and airy. Much of what makes gemstone so beautiful is the performance of light as it interacts with them. This collection is inspired by the many enchanting optical phenomena created by light.

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