Interview with Rachel, Bij Fior Founder

Rachel Feibusch is the founder and curator of the Bij Fior collection. Rachel selects jewellery for its beauty, character and craftsmanship creating a digital portal to a small, trusted, exquisite collection of fine jewellery. She finds pieces that are the highest quality, and have a distinct beauty, and a unique story.


As a budding jewellery buyer with a BA from Condé Nast College, Rachel has worked for Net-A-Porter and as an independent fine jewellery consultant before setting out to create Bij Fior, using her jewellery knowledge and curation nous to present the collection. Rachel has answered 3 questions about Bij Fior in the below video.

Q: How did you choose the jewellery for your current collection?

A: I chose jewellery that would be beautiful not just in its story, in its form, or in its craftsmanship, but in its total being, its presence, its significance. I chose jewellery from family-run and independent jewellery businesses with pieces that have real stories and distinct characters. For my initial selection, which includes four wonderful fine jewellers, I also ensured that I created a complementary range including a variety of diamonds, ancient and local craftsmanship, rare gemstones and material compositions.

Q: What makes Bij Fior unique?

A: Firstly, our exclusivity. Our pieces are all one-of-a-kind, or rare and can’t be bought at any other retailer. Secondly, our heightened personal engagement. Bij Fior is not a big retailer, we are a small curated collection and a luxury service devoted to delivering rare wearable works for art to our clients. And thirdly, when you buy from Bij Fior you not only invest in a piece of fine jewellery to cherish for a lifetime but in trust, craftsmanship and family-run jewellery businesses.

Q: What is your vision for Bij Fior?

A: I am passionate about transforming the arduous hunt for singular, remarkable fine jewellery into an effortless, luxurious experience where our clients can always pick up the phone and call or buy online with the click of a button. I am devoted to curating an unrivalled assortment of rare, beautiful fine jewellery where clients can find something beyond retail giants and fashion houses, something that is truly different and special.


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‘BIJ’ is from the French word ‘bijou’, meaning jewellery.


‘FIOR’ is from the Italian phrase ‘fior fiore di’, meaning ‘the best of’ or ‘the cream of’. 

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