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Interview with George Root, Milamore

Bij Fior News

How did Milamore begin? Tell me about your journey?

MILAMORE began when our co-founder Azusa Yamato invited me to start a jewelry brand back in June of 2018. Her family business is in jewelry production in Japan, Azusa liked my work ethic and vision from when we worked together previously in PR. I never had proper “training” or education at school for business, arts nor designing so everything I've learned is self-taught including running a business in the jewelry industry. It's been a roller coaster, but this journey is so much fun!


Which is your favourite Milamore piece from the Bij Fior selection and why?


Hmm good question.. Can I pick two? Haha, First. is the Kintsugi Victoria Diamond ring. As you may know, Milamore is from my grandmother's name Milagros. She was known as Mila and she was the love of my life so I combined "Mila" and "AMORE" and that’s how Milamore's name was created :) At the time, when I told my mother that I was starting Milamore, she got a little jealous and asked why I always think about grandma before her haha. So I designed the Victoria ring based on my mom’s initial V because her name is Victoria. The design of the V is abstract, minimal, and luxurious. The ring comes with diamonds set in different techniques. Right now, we have 3 different variations of the ring and I love the different evolution of it to create a unique and stunning look on your hands. I also love the Kintsugi Infinity Hoop earrings! The inspiration is the infinity sign and the helix shape of DNA, with the Kintsugi detail. Milamore’s core DNA is KINTSUGI, and Kintsugi is about finding beauty in the flaw; I am most in love with these pieces because of their symbolism.

Which is your favourite Milamore collection and why? 

Absolutely Kintsugi collection. As I spoke of earlier, I think every single person in this world regardless your gender, age, culture background can relate to the concept and appreciate the significance and beauty in its metaphor. I wear duo chains every day as well because I’m a huge necklace person and I love clipping on MILAMORE charms with antique charms, to create my individualized look. I am coming out with a Diamond Braille Collection and those pieces to me are unique, classic, subtle statement pieces!


And lastly, what does jewellery mean to you? And what do you feel like the role of jewellery is today for the person who wears it?

For me your jewelry is an intimate talisman. Unlike fashion, it’s much more connected to your personality and emotions. Jewelry passes down through is ageless and timeless. Let’s be real, we are not going to get younger ;) So I appreciate that I can wear my jewelry for decades and it will travel with me through time to support how I feel good. 
Since jewelry is made from natural elements, I like the idea that we are “borrowing” the shine and power of natural stones and gold that have lived billions of years in our mother of earth. That gives me extra inspiration and appreciation for living :)

How would you describe your approach to your designs? Tell me a little bit about your references and inspiration. 


My infinite inspiration will always be my life experiences and the people I meet. For instance, the Kintsugi collection is very much inspired by how I understand humanity. Each of us has been through so much in our life journey, which makes us strong and makes us who we are today. When we think about the traditional art of Kintsugi (repairing ceramics with lacquer and finish with gold) our Kintsugi collection implies how the wearer completes the Kintsugi design. Imagine the wearer is the “broken” pottery and you wear the kintsugi jewelry to embrace (mend) your own “brokeness” and celebrate who you are. 
This is why the Kintsugi pieces are very abstract and have organic silhouettes.


What is your zodiac sign? (Do you wear any of your zodiac pieces and if so, does it represent something for you?)

Thank you! There are a lot of Zodiac jewellery in the market, as many as the stars!  To stand out it was important for me to make sure our earrings are VERY different from anyone else. You will notice that our Zodiac earrings are the zodiac symbols themselves! Our Zodiac charms represent the Zodiac avatars and have a lot of luxe whimsical appeal!
I am Libra! I wear my Libra pieces when I need to be reminded of what Libra represents. I like the idea of Libra being “balanced”. Balance is something important for me to strive towards as the CEO and creative director of Milamore.  I often need to be more balanced between running my business and being creative ;)

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