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Interview with Joanna Achkar

Bij Fior News

A wonderful interview with our newest addition to Bij Fior, Lebanese Fine Jewellery Designer, Joanna Achkar!

Joanna tells Bij Fior her story, inspirations and the meaning behind her pieces. She also has a realisation on camera that her jewellery designs are inspired by something she has felt rather than something she has seen. Take a look as she explains this all in our IG LIVE above and shows us her favourite jewellery on camera! 

"Actually, now that I am describing the collections,  I am realising that for me (…) every collection  is inspired by a feeling rather than an object.”

- Joanna 

About Joanna Achkar Jewellery


Joanna is passionate about creating both sophisticated, classic pieces, as well as, fun, characterful fine jewellery for the modern woman. All of Joanna's jewellery is 18kt gold, set with diamonds and/or precious gemstones handcrafted by skilled artisans in Lebanon.

Bij Fior now houses pieces from three of her most loved collections; Scintilla, Cosmic Candy and The Royals. Each piece has its own story - inspired by different parts of our world. 

"My best part of my job , for me, is when the piece of jewellery comes out of production and I get to see it for the  first time - from a paper drawing to an actual jewel." - Joanna

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