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Interview with Isabelle Rowe

Bij Fior News

How did Isabelle Rowe Jewellery begin?

I was studying for a masters in Abstract Fine Art in san Francisco when I first found the tactile pleasure and process of imagining and working with metals and stones. I realised I enjoyed both the process and the connection with the enduring attachment to sentiment was something that inspired me. I went on to train as Goldsmith and returned to the UK where l made my first collection. My work has evolved to centre around bespoke pieces and my ongoing collection is an exploration of thoughts surrounding sentimental gestures.


Which one piece from the Isabelle Rowe collection on Bij Fior would you wear and why?


I wear a ruby street heart necklace everyday and my daughter wears a Baby Street Heart (Necklace). It is a symbol of our connection and our everyday charm, It was inspired by a series of street art in Paris and romantic memories and is a piece that makes us both smile. I also wear the Aphrodisia Pillar Ring when I travel. I find it the perfect understated luxury as my alternative engagement ring.

And lastly, what does jewellery mean to you?


Jewellery for me is about connection. It is Memory keepers. Moments. Sentiments you carry with you. Tactile and visual reminders of a moment in time or feeling. The seductive warmth or weight of a gold wedding ring.


But equally sometimes there can be a stand alone connection with something whose essence and designed intrigued you or you simply love the proportions or you find a lasting curiosity in the intrinsic details or craftsmanship.

What inspires your designs?


Translating an energy or thought into something physical.  I draw on references from people, places, details of architecture, pattern, poetry or often simply an image or piece of art that inspires a feeling.


How would you describe your design process?

Ultimately I try and create tangible beautiful objects that are imbued with sentiment for the giver or the receiver. It is always about finding a graceful balance of elegant proportions. And sometimes it’s pushing these out of the ordinary that creates a new magic.


I sketch, and sketch, backs of envelopes, my diary is covered in patterns and the beginnings of ideas. With time and evolving models in wax or at the bench there is usually a moment where a design comes together and has an energy that guides you.


As bespoke designer it is about the dialogue and dance between ideas and the clients imagination of how they want to feel about a piece of jewellery that inspires me.


I am all about the details, the finish, how something feels to wear, the quality of the piece.

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