Interview with Aurelia & Pierre

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Bij Fior Founder, Rachel Feibusch interviews Amokeye of Aurelia & Pierre. Click above to watch the full video interview and read below for more details about Aurelia & Pierre. Discover their jewellery via the images and link further down this page.

“I tend to start my design process with the gemstone, because

I’m very drawn to colour. I’m originally from Nigeria and there

are very bold bright colours associated with my culture, it is

reminiscent of my childhood.” - Amokeye 


About Aurelia & Pierre.


Founded by Amokeye, each of Aurelia & Pierre's pieces fuses the colour of gemstones and the brilliance of diamonds. Amokeye's designs and the names of her pieces are inspired by the bright and vivid colours of Africa, where she grew up. These bold colours are combined with either claw set or pavé diamonds to create a a contemporary piece with a classic edge.

Amokeye spent her formative years in Nigeria, moved to England at the age of 10 to further her education, and has since settled in London. A lover of both the arts and sciences, she holds a BSc in Chemistry & French and an MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship.

"Jewellery is the perfect intersection between jewellery and science,

people don’t think of it that way but I think it is. I am in

between an artist and a scientist, I think about my designs very

scientifically" - Amokeye