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Bespoke Bij Fior Clover Necklace made for Lucy. Earrings available here.

Why Us?

At Bij Fior, we understand the emotional value of jewellery and that your necklaces, rings or earrings often come to hold the memories of special moments, places and/or people in your life. This most precious jewellery must be designed and crafted to perfection. 

Bij Fior is proud to offer a fine jewellery bespoke service where you can create your own perfect, beautiful and meaningful pieces. Made in the heart of London's jewellery district, designed together with you and made by exemplary craftspeople to the highest standards.

How It Works

Step 1

Email, LIVE CHAT or contact us here to share your idea and organise a complimentary first meeting.


Step 2

We will understand your idea/design and explore the possibilities and options, including; stone sourcing, types of settings, type of gold, polishing styles, compositions, structural suggestions, components (chains/clasps) and more.


Step 3

Once a design is agreed on, a realistic 3-D image of your final design will be sent for your final approval. Once approved - deposit to be paid.


Step 4

Your jewellery is made! 

Bij Fior HQ

Ethics & Sustainability

All our jewellery is created ethically and sustainably. Bij Fior always considers its environmental and social impact, remaining conscious in creating an ethical, sustainable space for fine jewellery. 

Specifically in our bespoke process, we source all our gemstones and diamonds (lab grown and mined) from trusted, ethical suppliers. All of our bespoke jewellery is made by certified, highly-regarded goldsmiths and craftspeople in the heart of Hatton Garden, London. 

At the heart of Bij Fior, we desire to promote mindful and slow consumption, with fine jewellery to last a lifetime.

Begin your Bij Fior Bespoke journey.

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