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Artwork for Bij Fior by Willemien Bardawil. 

About Bij Fior

Home to Rachel Fior & Bij Fior - exceptional fine jewellery lovingly created by family-run workshops and independent craftspeople.

We understand the emotional value of jewellery; a necklace, a ring or a pair of earrings is often bought for love or celebration. Your jewellery then comes to hold the memorable moments of your life.


For these most special purchases, we are honoured to offer exquisite pieces of jewellery from the workshops of exceptionally talented craftspeople.

Email with any questions.

About Rachel

Rachel Feibusch founded Bij Fior with the desire to  matchmake people with exceptional pieces of meaningful jewellery. Bij Fior specialises in personal shopping and bespoke, whilst showcasing some wonderful made-to-order and ready-to-buy fine jewellery too.

As a budding jewellery buyer with a BA (Hons) from Condé Nast College, Rachel has worked for Net-A-Porter in the jewellery buying department, as an independent fine jewellery consultant and as Retail Co-ordinator for Debonnaire.


In 2023, Rachel added to Bij Fior with her own jewellery line, Rachel Fior.



From the word, 'jewellery'.

Bijou also means an exceptional object and a term of affection. Pieces of jewellery are works of art borne from emotion.

Old High German


Meaning, 'four'.

Four represents wholeness. Four elements, four corners of the world, four seasons - jewellery is beauty borrowed from the earth.

Name Origin

Percossi Papi Workshop in Italy. 

Ethics & Sustainability

Everything at Bij Fior is ethical, sustainable and mindful. Bij Fior considers its environmental and social impact, remaining conscious and only creating and partnering with ethical, sustainable fine jewellery makers. 

Bij Fior takes pride in packaging sustainability, using recyclable materials and no unnecessary waste.

At the heart of Bij Fior, we desire to promote mindful and slow consumption, with fine jewellery to last a lifetime.

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