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Artwork for Bij Fior by Willemien Bardawil. Buy the print here.

About Bij Fior

Launched in November 2020, Bij Fior is honoured to bring to you some of the finest jewellery from family-run and small independent designers around the world.

We understand the emotional value of jewellery; a necklace, a ring or a pair of earrings is often bought for love or celebration. Your jewellery then comes to hold the memorable moments of your life.


For these most special purchases, we hand-source and choose exquisite pieces of jewellery from the workshops of exceptionally talented fine jewellers. Hidden from large retailers and internet searches, Bij Fior’s collection houses jewellery of character made with love, like nothing you have ever seen or worn before.

Bij Fior presents jewellery from outstanding independent and family-run jewellers. All of our jewellers are chosen for their exemplary craftsmanship, design prowess, individual story and signature techniques.

About Rachel

Rachel Feibusch founded Bij Fior with the desire to ethically and quickly matchmake people and exceptional pieces of meaningful jewellery. Bij Fior sets itself apart from large retailers, jewellery giants, mass-production, and unethical businesses by choosing works of art made by artisans from family-run and independent designers across the world on fair terms. Rachel says, “Jewellery is often an emotive purchase; I want the intent to buy something special to match the work and intentions behind it.”

As a budding jewellery buyer with a BA (Hons) from Condé Nast College, Rachel has worked for Net-A-Porter in the jewellery buying department and as an independent fine jewellery consultant with clients, including Dubini Fine Jewellery and Tomfoolery London Fine Jewellery. She created Bij Fior using her established jewellery knowledge and curation nous. 



From the word, 'jewellery'.

Bijou also means an exceptional object and a term of affection. Pieces of jewellery are works of art borne from emotion.

Old High German


Meaning, 'four'.

Four represents wholeness. Four elements, four corners of the world, four seasons - jewellery is beauty borrowed from the earth.

Name Origin

Percossi Papi Workshop in Italy. Shop Percossi Papi.

Ethics & Sustainability

We cultivate a beautiful curated collection - not at the expense of the planet or people. Bij Fior will always consider its environmental and social impact, remaining conscious and creating an ethical, sustainable space for fine jewellery. 

Bij Fior takes pride in packaging sustainability and working with ethical jewellery businesses.

At the heart of Bij Fior, we desire to promote mindful and slow consumption, with fine jewellery to last a lifetime.

Featured Designers

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